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The Elliot Legal Group, P.A.
The Elliot Legal Group, P.A. is dedicated to guiding commercial real estate transactions towards their successful conclusions. To ensure a smooth closing, The Elliot Legal Group, P.A., supplies both its experience as a title insurer, and legal counsel, to provide you with products and services to meet all of your transactional needs.

We are proud to build our business and reputation on quality, service and integrity. As a result, we enjoy longstanding relationships with our customers who, in turn, regularly recommend us to their friends, family, and associates.

We are innovative, aggressive, and results-oriented when answering the wide variety of title needs for our customers. We have represented many people throughout the state of Florida.

Below are just some of the product and services that you can choose from.

Document Generation

  • Loan Commitment Letters
  • Commercial Promissory Notes
  • Pledge and Security Agreements
  • Loan Agreements
  • UCC Financing Statements
  • Guaranty Agreements
  • Attorney Opinion Letters
  • Deeds
  • Certificates of Incumbency and Borrowing Resolutions
  • Loan Closing Statements
  • Closing Reports
  • Title Commitments with Exhibits
  • Collateral Assignments of Leases and Rents
  • Affidavits
  • Estoppel Letters
  • Leases
  • Contracts

Other services

  • Survey order and analysis.
  • Order inspections, asbestos searches and environmental studies of properties.
  • Obtain corporate good standing certificates.
  • Obtain payoff and assumption letters.
  • Obtain satisfactions.
  • Obtain copies of certificates of occupancy, permits, licenses and other municipal approvals.
  • Obtain corporate documents.
  • Organize corporations and other entities.
  • Record documents.
  • Order engineer reports and appraisals.
  • Full escrow service.
  • Prepare and issue lender and owner title insurance policies.
  • Order and examine title.
  • Remove title defects.
  • Conduct closings

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